Tale of the Make-oomph Kit and the BV-Eradicating Burner

If Rachel of Friends has her cheerleading uniform that never fails, I have this ensemble that never fails to elicit compliments from fellow kikay officemates , endless teasings from the boys and looks from strangers that range from amused to sleazy.


But what gave this outfit an added zest was this nifty make-oomph kit (very fitting, if I may say so 😉 ) that a friend who owns Cozy Home gave me over at lunch yesterday.  Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s also well-made inside and out. I transferred all my kikay stuff (mostly courtesy of my generous sister) and proudly held it as I went home several hours later.

It is positively the cutest thing; I can’t help gushing over it as we talked about everything from social network behavior to the  blatant audacity of this particular man who I seriously think paved the way for the birth of ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. Maybe this burner and essential oil will drive the BV away from this man and the spell he casted upon this woman who seriously thinks he’s The One. Well, he is. The One guy who every woman should avoid at all ‘costs’. Literally and figuratively.

Sorry for sincerely living up to the blogname. Back to the cutesy make-oomph kit.

It occurred to me that maybe it can serve another purpose. And I’m so right! It can serve as a DSLR camera bag for those occasions (like a wedding perhaps) when carrying the real thing will be disastrous to an otherwise decent outfit.

Note: The size was enough to fit the Nikon D3100 with a 50mm lens attached to it. But make sure you transfer your camera back to its proper bag after to save you the headache of encountering the dreaded molds 😉

You can check Cozy Home at this link for more stuff that will oomph your living spaces. Don’t hesitate to PM; you will be positively surprised at how cheap their prices are compared to those specialty stores carrying the same decors and whatnots. 😉



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2 responses to “Tale of the Make-oomph Kit and the BV-Eradicating Burner

  1. Ivy

    Ang cute ng bag. So kikay!! It fits you perfectly. I like how it can be used on other things like your Camera or your watches and not just kikay stuff..

    Pero your friend said it right, since kikay ang bag, use it for the kikay stuff. Sayang ang kikay look niya. Hehe!

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