Independence Day

The Independence Day holiday is just so bitin!  And because the English translation for it escaped me, I decided to GMG the term. If you’re wondering what GMG means, that’s Google Mo Gagah. Thanks to my GSFF (Gay-Speaking Female Friend) who actually dubbed me as HRG (Her Royal Gayness).

Sadly Google failed me. Bitin is serpent? 😕

And so I got sidetracked again.

I will not try to be profound about my thoughts on independence because I’m leaving that to Cristy Fermin, Boy Abunda and the other talk show hosts who almost always break into those pa-deep statements. I like the terms reflective and insightful better. 😉

  • Independence entails responsibility. Do what you want but take responsibility for your action.
  • Living alone in a foreign country for three months. I thought I won’t get used to it but when I finally did, it was time to go back.
  • Me time at a coffee shop and just go people-watching. No hiding behind a book or a netbook. But reading and blogging are two of my favorite things when I’m in a coffee shop.
  • It was something I thought I will forever shun away from because I will look kawawa (pitiful). I unashamedly admit that I actually enjoy eating alone on occasions.
  • Conquering Intramuros on my own. Commuting to that area is one huge accomplishment for me because it’s infamous for its notoriety. I have my camera with me and I finally gathered enough guts to do my long-delayed photowalk.
  • Me + Being Single = Freedom
  • Single Me + Single Guy (PM me for characteristics. LOL!) = Possibilities
  • Funny that the ‘love’ or ‘heart’ sign is symbolized by – less than three. Because a threesome is just bothersome. I’m sure, there are those who will (vehemently) disagree given that a lot of ‘art’ films tackle this subject quite liberally and extensively. 😉
  • Hair-free. Nuff said.
  • Drama-free. Free yourself from drama-ridden people because their negative vibe will surely rub off on you. And you don’t want to be a NegaStar, right?
  • Or better yet, rub your positive vibe on them while chanting, “BV go away! BV go away!” Repeat until BVs are entirely eradicated. Oh yes, I mean Bad Vibes.
  • How you ‘rub’ your positive vibe on them shouldn’t really sound dirty, noh! 😉
  • Girl talk can actually liberate your thoughts it’s almost therapeutic. I love chatting with my girl friends but girl talk with my sister is a whole different level of fun and pure gut-wrenching honesty.
  • Guy talk, on the other hand, sometimes leads to a different kind of liberty. My head is exploding with thoughts that are best left kept in my head where they truly belong.

So how did you spend Independence Day? Me? I spent it lying on my back most of the time. And no, not what you’re thinking. 😉 I wasted it napping the day away because it was raining the whole time and what better way to spend it but in bed. Or out of bed then plop onto a couch and channel surf. But hey! I did cook one rockin’ spaghetti for dinner and I tried this particular healthy spaghetti that’s laden with moringa (malunggay) and carrots (check El Real brand). 😉



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15 responses to “Independence Day

  1. There you go again w/ the ‘art’ film, makes me wonder who is really an avid fan. hahaha

    Oh, and bitin in English i think is “hanging”, like “don’t leave me hanging?” How come it sounds dirty when used in a sentence? 🙂

    GV! GV! GV! 🙂

  2. Ivy

    I’m curious with point number 8 regarding art films. Anong art films ang mga ito? Share share share. Your naughty friend here is curious. 😉

    And I should really try that healthy spaghetti of yours. Anong lasa ng spaghetti with Malunggay and Carrots? Does this mean kulay malunggay ang sauce? Hehe!

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