Mixed Up

12.5% smart, 12.5% gentleman, 12.5% mature, 12.5% interesting, 12.5% humor, 12.5% smells like heaven kahit pawis, 12.5% nice skin, 12.5% good looks = ikaw na’ng nakaka-in love

50% movie, 25% dinner, 25% seeing each other after several months = unforgettable day

50% same hobby, 25% generous with knowledge, 25% sexy = ikaw na’ng crush ko

40% crush, 30% smile, 20% sexy voice, 10% looked my way = me in windang mode

50% Female + 25% Male + 25% Gay = 100% AkosiGaruts

That’s me in a nutshell. I have the female form (albeit something I wish was more vavavoom), the male brain (which is probably why I get along with them but not end up with them. May I just say, leche! 😛 ) and I’m as gay as it gets.

Kudos to the Bayo ad campaign for all the publicity they’re getting. Bad publicity is still publicity. If I’ll go with their thought, so now it means that to be world class, you have to be half and half of something?

One of the controversial ads that Bayo has taken down

Just to state the obvious, Arnel Pineda and Charice Pempengco are pure Filipinos. They may be half-sized 😉 but they’re 100% Filipinos. Lea Salonga is 100% Filipino and she’s 100% world class. This is me thinking out loud: what has the new Bayo endorsers have under their portfolios that will match even half of what these pure Pinoys have accomplished?

For the flak they got, they took down the ‘offensive’ ads and issued an official statement on their website:

Well, because there’s much to do, my post is sooooo delayed it could’ve been pregnant! 😛

Happy weekend/1-day work/then holiday!

P.S.: New season of True Blood premiers on Sunday, June 10. My weekly date with Eric Northman heretofore commences. ♥♥♥



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4 responses to “Mixed Up

  1. Ivy Chua

    While I was reading the first few paragraphs, yung may percentages, wala pa sa sagiy.sabi ko teka, parang kilala ko ito. Her name is weng and ganito sha pag baliw. Hihi

    I like how it shifted to the controversial Bayo Ad! May halo ba ang may ari ng Bayo? What were they thinking when they put that in? Probably the advertiser is either half aussie half pinoy, going out with an aussie or eng eng lang talaga eh!

    PS: Oh and am excited for true blood this week.

    • Baliw… cray cray, all me! \(^_^)/

      As it turned out, they thought about it… but not thought it through. Nakakalokah lang ang premise on how one can be ‘world class’ *raised eyebrow*

      I bet all Truebies can’t wait to bite into the new season 😀

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