In Memory of Summer

While summer has barely started in other parts of the world, ours has already ended and we’re off to rainy, stormy, floody days again.  If not for the insane heat, I would love it to be summer all over again; head for the beach and stop caring if I’ll ever get my normal skin color back and be rid of this post-beach look that I’ve got going on.

In memoriam, I just thought to share some photos of a wonderful summer (which kind of triggers memories from 2011 😉 )

Macro shot using a reverse ring because I don’t have money for the real lens. Resourcefulness! 😀

Macro shot (again) 😀

A very ‘interestingly’ shaped flower spotted in the Timmangtang Rock (Ilocos) area

An orchid in a resto near Fort Ilocandia

My mother’s favorite distraction, her little garden.

Drizzling at odd hours of the day remind us that summer is almost over 😦

And we’re thankful for the summer rains because it drowns the blazing heat of the sun

Reminds us not only of summer but of simple times when we just chase after and catch dragonflies. The days of youth!


Take nothing but pictures.

 Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time.

Break nothing, especially hearts.




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4 responses to “In Memory of Summer

  1. I like the 2nd one, looks very hypnotizing q-(o)_(o)-p

  2. Ivy

    Nice shots. The first one was really good eventhough you don’t have the real lens. What more if you have it.

    Memores of 2011? Was that 2011? No 2010? 😉

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