Cheesy Songs that are Secretly Our Guilty Pleasures (OPM Edition)

The cassette tape used to hold our fave music, now it’s simply holds our phones. Cute transition though 😀

Filipino music almost translates to cheesy and boy do we dig it! But the cream of shashal cheesiness is in the 80s and 90s. It is in these years when the best OPM love songs, both Tagalog and English, were composed and had every one singing to it and every one trying to record it on cassette tapes (and get seriously annoyed when the DJ talks before the last  few notes ended). Some of the songs sound almost foreign because the melody and lyrics, perhaps?

I seriously don’t know what ever happened to our OPM. It’s as though they spent too much time and wasted their energy reviving and worse, tagalizing  (pati ba naman Teach Me How to Dougie? Now, there is seriously something wrong here). Remember waiting  for Close Up ads because they have the most kilig ad soundtrack? Oh those days!

So whether you’re feeling giddy or crappy and sappy, go check these tips for that more laslas-pulso, makapagbigti-nga feeling 😀

At this point, I just had to rein myself and stop. This is so addicting! Hope you enjoy the list. 😀



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11 responses to “Cheesy Songs that are Secretly Our Guilty Pleasures (OPM Edition)

  1. Ivy

    Memories of the past……ito.. I can’t believe I know all of them. They’re all classics.

  2. With your two recent post, I think I can calculate your age… hmmmm hahaha 🙂 edsa revolution baby? or death march baby? hahaha just kidding 🙂

    Its funny that you mentioned OPM remaking songs, as my new blog post also has the same “concept”. Pero english yung akin a, hindi tagalized hahaha 🙂

    Keep em coming dudette! 🙂

    • Let’s just say, I appreciate music even as far back as the 50s. O di ba! Thanks to our parents na walang habas ang patugtog tuwing Linggo ng oldies but goodies. hahaha

      At talagang panalo ang death march baby suggestion ha… kulet!

      I read your post na but have yet to watch the video. Blocked site kse… maya sa house 😉

  3. 50’s you say, let me recompute…. *tap *tap *tap

    the answer is E? hahaha

    Remember to sing my version with feelings a 🙂 kung pwde may kasamang sayaw 🙂

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