Cheesy Songs that are Secretly Our Guilty Pleasures

The 70s & 80s are home to disco and new wave music respectively. It’s also in those eras when the cheesiest of love songs and power ballads proliferated the airwaves. Thanks to radio stations like 96.3 Lite Rock, we still hear the songs that we associate to a happy or wretched moment in our life.

These songs are downright sappy that listening to them when you’re at your lowest, otherwise known as heartbroken, should be avoided like the plague.

Then again, if you wish to put salt on your wounded heart by listening to these songs, go ahead and keep a bottle of tequila and lemon slices while you’re at it. But I strongly suggest keeping knives and sharp objects away from your reach as a precaution. Then try these for a more melodramatic effect:

  1. Lean against a wall, then slowly slide down the floor.
  2. You can opt to sit and sob while clutching your chest; or
  3. For a full drama, go ahead and curl up in a fetal position while crying your eyes out.
  4. But if you want to be comfortable while doing your Best Actress in a Laslas-Pulso Role, go to your room, grab that tequila, place it on your nightstand and bawl out and cry.
  5. This is best done when it’s raining. Lean your head on the bedroom or car window then let the big fat tears roll down your cheeks; or
  6. If it’s impossible to keep it in and you’re far from any shelter to hide your tears, then go out into the rain and let the tears roll down freely.

With the tips above, here are some cheesy classics that we are guilty of listening to during those days or singing in the shower or belting out in our videoke sessions.

I have to stop this insanity. I’m actually enjoying myself with the songs. ** DVD Karaoke: ON ** (.^_^.)



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12 responses to “Cheesy Songs that are Secretly Our Guilty Pleasures

  1. I honestly laughed while reading #1. The fact that I pictured it in my head with a guy doing it while double-facepalming probably helped. πŸ™‚

    No date on a Saturday night? πŸ™‚

  2. Don’t stay on the bench for too long, kailangan maintain ang pagiging star player πŸ™‚

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  4. Ivy

    Haha!! I like your 6 tips on how to emote ba ito? Natatawa ako doon sa rain suggestion mo and your number 1 suggestion. Talagang dramatic talaga ha. Hehe!

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  6. We Should totally sked either a jam or a karaoke sesh.

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