Why We Love Fridays

It is dress-down day. It’s a day when we ditch those corporate attires and go for the just-chillin’-look. And get mistaken for a college student. I remember this one instance when I was onboard the front seat of the shuttle and was wearing my plaid skirt, white top and black vest ensemble. I was checking the photos I took using the DSLR cam (to ward off the traffic boredom) when the driver turned to me and said, ‘Saang skwelahan ka neng nag-aaral?’ He must have thought I was taking Arts or something. If not for the ‘neng’ I would have thought he meant where I am taking my doctorate degree. hahaha

It is literally ‘dress-down’ day for some; as my ‘green mentors’ from the bank would say ‘Friday is F— day’. I like to think it’s #Firande but there was no Twitter yet that time so they mean a different ‘F’ :P… the nuts I hang out with, really! And I love them 😉 As a fresh grad that time, I blush and look away because I’m not used to talking green stuff with men around. What I’m used to is, getting all green and giggly with my high school and college friends. Darn! Those days when we would ‘Indian sit’ in the hallways with my high school friends after classes and just crazily laugh over green jokes. And when one of the nuns pass by, we’ll quiet down and say ‘Good afternoon, Sister’ in the most innocent look we can muster.

And this is the day when girls in ‘easy access’ clothes walk about Greenbelt and Glorietta and men just ogle and sometimes stay under those ‘skirt-friendly’ escalators.

Enjoy the weekend!



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6 responses to “Why We Love Fridays

  1. Ivy

    I missed Greenbelt. We should go there one time and observe those girls in “easy access” clothes and how fast they score. Hehe!

    And I like how your green mentors think about Friday. It’s really nice to have friends that you can talk to about those. Haha! 😀

  2. I should reschedule my trips to Greenbelt on Fridays 🙂

    Thanks for the “tip” hahaha 🙂

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