Thoughts from the Couch

The P.50 jeep fare rollback

I actually heard a driver blurt out, ‘Buti naman ni-rollback n. Ang hirap magsukli.’ There were times I ended up paying Php9.00 because the driver doesn’t have change and I don’t mind especially if the driver’s old. Plus, did that P0.50 enriched the lives of our poor drivers? My shashal kolehiyala alterego was saying, ‘They should’ve just increase it to piso, right? It’s so hirap kaya to make hanap some barya!’

Declared Persona Non Grata

Is being punished and declared persona non grata something that should have anyone shaking in his boots? How terrifying is it to be branded as such? I can’t imagine Claire Danes turning pale because she was declared persona non grata. Taylor Kitsch must have been more baffled now why he’s declared persona non grata by our government. He can’t distinguish Indonesia from the Philippines, what makes our government think he can understand persona non grata? *slapping forehead*

That said, the Panamanian diplomat must be pounding his head mercilessly on the wall for Schk-ing his shlong like he did. He’s now persona non grata. Now that’s VERY HARSH; almost akin to getting a Lorrena Bobbit.

All That Glitters

I saw PacMom Dionisia on the news wearing an I-can-blind-you-with-this-dress-from-10-miles on her birthday. It was SPARKLING like anything. Like those Twi-Vamps! I mean c’mon! Children should be jailed for letting their mothers go out looking like the Fourth of July in summer.

What Really Happens in Those Clubs

I don’t know if this is just me. But seriously, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette look like a whore house on reality tv. Can you seriously find the real and elusive thing called love in that hopeless place? Like you can snuggle and canoodle your way into love via available and willing (hot) flesh in the house? Oh puuhlleeaase!



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16 responses to “Thoughts from the Couch

  1. I was hooked to reading you post…

    Until you said shlong. I had to backtrack to recheck.

    Yep, shlong 🙂

    All in all, great post duddette 🙂

  2. Oh and thanks for the mention again 😛

  3. Ivy

    I was laughing when I read this. Did you just mention Schk-ing the shlong?

    And who the hell is Taylor Kitsch (kidding heard of him). Parang Justin Bieber lang pala yan. Justin Bieber don’t know where Germany is. Ito naman he doesn’t know how to distinguish Philippines from Indonesia. Only means one thing, that some of these “hunks” that teens follow nowadays are really dumb. 😉

    As for the Bachelor and Bachelorette, you’re not the only one who thinks it’s a whore house. Hindi ba para nga siyang this club thing wherein you go in, choose a girl/guy, try him.. pay.. the next day you go in again, try a different one, etc.

    • The edit button was missing last night, hence the term escaped me 😉

      Sayang he’s hunky pa naman, kaso mukhang sa abs napunta ang brain; di tuloy maka-function maigi. 😛

      Those two shows just about teach us that “love” is indeed all around. Literally nga lang.

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  5. Ivy

    Yeah sayang ang pagiging hunky kung “dumb” naman. I guess yan ang “in” nowadays. It’s all about being a hunk you know. Forget the brains.

    Hay naku, true with Bachelor and Bachelorette. They made finding love so easy. Pero what I remember sa show is maya maya laplapan na. 😉

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