Mindless Late Night Wanderings

:: Facebook keeps on suggesting these people you may want  to subscribe to  which are mostly girls whose display photos (DPs) showcase their cleavages that amazingly start at the base of their throats. And I’m not saying that because I’m a tad better off than a surfboard. 😛

:: I believe in giving people second chances. And another… and another… as many as my rational mind will allow; as many as my heart can give.

:: I have waited this long, I am most certainly not settling.

:: I don’t go into a relationship with fingers crossed and hoping that it will work itself out.

:: I already have a job and being in a relationship shouldn’t feel like having a second job that I should put up with.

:: While it’s true that a relationship takes two persons to make it work, it shouldn’t feel like you’re sweating your ass off to make it work.

:: If you are meant to be with someone…

  • fighting tooth and nail with it won’t let you elude your destiny;
  • whether or not he/she falls into your ‘type’, you can sure as hell fight it but you will still be doomed to be with that person. Call it karma if you will. hahaha
  • the universe will conspire for you to be together, whether you both like it or not… 
  • which is downright terrifying if you end up with the person that you absolutely don’t care for had you not been played upon by dear Fate; and 
  • downright delightful if you end up with the person that you have been pining for, for as long as you can remember. 
  • Now dear universe and great cosmic forces… CONSPIRE! 😀

Here’s one of my fave songs, which has a kind of country note about it and pretty much sums up the jumbled thoughts in my head.



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3 responses to “Mindless Late Night Wanderings

  1. Ivy

    Biglang nakarelate ako sa song. LOL Nice late night wanderings. ..funny how I agree with most of them. Especially 2 and 3.

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