Beachin’ at Laiya, Batangas

When my sister is here, it is imperative that we visit the beach because inasmuch as there are castles and fancy architecture in the UK, beaches are close to nonexistence there. Plus the sun is rarely ever out in gloomy Oxford so when they visit, we just have to roast ourselves so her British colleagues will turn green with envy at how tan she is.

We went north to Bataan last year so we went south this time to Laiya, Batangas. If you leave early from Manila, you can pretty much get there in three hours.

We left early and didn’t make our usual stopover for breakfast at the SLEX; instead, we traveled all the way to Lipa before we had our breakfast. That way, we had a lot of headstart and escaped the early traffic at some choke points on the way to Laiya. 

Hello Laiya! This is at Kabayan Beach Resort.

Guess what he's selling? 😉

Get tattooed by the beach. It's located between Kabayan and Laiya White Cove Resorts.

A rather idyllic scene at the Laiya White Cove Beach Resort.

They sure are proud of their sandcastle.

Definitely proud of his beach bod @__@

We bought this Ice Munggo from Tatang. It was just too hot then but no one seems interested to buy so we got 7 and let him keep all the change. Tatang thanked us so profusely it almost turned me into a mush 😦

This pretty much describes just how delicious the ice cream was. It wasn't spectacular but because it's from Tatang, it's definitely good 😉

This beach scene is fairly reminiscent of this one particular summer. 😉

Though really not contented with our tan yet, we had to head back to Manila as we have kids with us so we packed our stuff and had some heavy afternoon bellyfest of bulalo and lomi.

When in Batangas, no matter how hot the weather is, Bulalong Batangas is something you don't pass up. Ever. Marimar is a simple resto by the gasoline station but it serve one mean rockin' bulalo.

Sevilla's Lomi is right beside Marimar. Try eating your lomi with a dipping of soy sauce, calamansi and chili. m/

Saba con Yelo is just too perfect for the hot weather.

Now this Leche Flan perfectly capped off our heavy afternoon "snacks" (.^_^.)

Because as always, I just can't help myself. And I had to drag my niece into it. (.^_^.)


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2 responses to “Beachin’ at Laiya, Batangas

  1. I’m jealous! It’s spring here but winter is lingering with the chilly and wet weather. I miss the beach and those treats especially “halo-halo”. 😉

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