Why Do You Run?

Bandwagons will always be ridden; it’s almost the natural thing to do. So whether you’ll ride it or not is not the question. It is WHY you are riding it. (I haven’t ridden that ridiculously over-hyped ice cream stick bandwagon 😉 #justsaying)

Running for several causes have been proliferating the metro and even the provinces. And it’s a noble thing. Your quest for a healthier you consequently helps sick children get some medical attention; poor children get a shot at education; and several other worthy causes. I’m all for that.

But the NatGeo Earth Run held at Bonifacio Global City last April 22 epitomizes the word IRONY (or maybe hypocrisy?). See for yourself.

I merged the photo courtesy of Francis Xavier Pasion to the image from NatGeo Run official website

From what little I know of runs like these, a committee of cleaners are assigned to clean up the mess that these runners make as they finish the course. A friend who participated in the recently-held Energizer race in Singapore, corroborates that runs pretty much leave a huge trail of mess after them (and this is in fine Singapore already).

I am not an activist nor am I an environmental warrior but as a citizen, I am appalled at the flagrant display of such indifference for the environment considering that is what the run is all about in the first effin’ place.

How heavy or cumbersome is a plastic cup anyway that you can’t hold it (or tuck in your waistband maybe?) while you finish your run? Does it really get in the way? Does this practically weightless cup weigh you down? Are those precious few seconds that will add to your time to decently throw that cup/plastic bottle in the waste bin, far outweigh the cause that you are running for?

Not to undermine the few decent people who threw their trash properly, kudos to you. It is just sad that you are hugely outnumbered by the nitwits who joined the race. Like those who blame the organizers for not putting in more trash bins along the race course. Seriously? The organizers now are all alone in this? You runners who do not understand what you are running for are just as culpable as them. See previous paragraph.

I believe that those who participated in this race are not mindless individuals. Some truly believe in the cause. Some love NatGeo. Some just simply like the singlet. Some just to brag.

Netizens like me who gave their two cents on this issue do not only find that photo offensive. I find it utterly ridiculous. It’s like answering an eager ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ when you didn’t fully understand the question; like laughing at a joke that you totally didn’t get; or like emphatically replying to a post that wasn’t exactly meant for you.

As NatGeo aptly puts it, Live Curious. There is always a “why” in life. So next time, ask yourself: Why do you run?

PS: Check the link for NatGeo’s apology for the Earth Day mess. And please take note that this is satire, ok? #JustMakingSure 😉



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13 responses to “Why Do You Run?

  1. Ivy

    Well said. I hope runners around the world could read this and reflect on this

  2. I agree with your thoughts that although the organizers did not provide enough waste bin, it doesn’t mean that runners are entitled to just throw it away lest precious seconds are wasted on their best time.

    just how many runners run for the cause actually? after reading comments from another website, it would seem that runners are in for the singlet (drifit dapat), loot bags & freebies (in that order).

    both parties (organizers, participants) are to blame for this debacle, and it is just ironic that such would happen on an Earth Day themed run.

    btw, thank you for the mention of my article on your blog post. it is a satirical take on the events that would hopefully awaken both runners and organizers alike. hope you had a few laugh while reading it.

    as for the magnum bandwagon, you might like to read another one of my satirical take on the matter: http://wp.me/p1RffW-n5

    happy blogging! 🙂

    • Your post made me laugh esp. their supposed tie up with the Bureau of Fire Protection. 😀 Since Smokey Mountain has a new face now, maybe they can just hold the race in any landfill, that way they won’t have to bother with trash.

      And I’m really surprised that people endlessly complain of oil price hike but they will buy this overly hyped ice cream stick. I really love your conspiracy theories on Magnum! 😀

      • Thanks thanks for the kind words ma’am! 🙂

        akala ko you didn’t notice na the articles were fake, unlike the other comments on that post. 🙂

        as for magnum, blame it on my two botched attempt at eating magnum, hence the “hatred” on the article hahaha 🙂

  3. I wanted to laugh out loud at some of the comments there. hahaha
    Now I understand the “hatred” #MayPinaghuhugutan 😀

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  7. Reblogged this on Jumbled Coffee Thoughts and commented:

    So there is another Nat Geo run slated for April 28. I sincerely hope both organizers and runners will be more responsible this time given the flak they got from last year. Lack of trash bins is not an excuse to carelessly throw your cups. Only halfwits make that excuse.

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