Snapshots of Ilocanos

It’s been more than a month since I visited the beautiful northern provinces of Ilocos and if not for my lack of vacation leaves, I would have traveled back, at least to Vigan, just bask in the fabulous heat of this place. I love the places, the people and their priceless expressions and smiles.

Cute kid on his way home from school.

I hope it's nothing too serious, girls.

This photo and the next two were captured in one shot and I just had to crop to focus on each of their faces.

As our calesa passed by, they looked up from what they're doing and flashed their charming smiles.

Whether this guy flashed us a smile under his cover up, we'll never know. 😉

Inside the Paoay Church or the St. Augustine Church

Captured on our trek to Kabigan Falls

I wanted to join these kids to ward off the heat from the Kabigan Falls trek.

Along the trail at Kabigan Falls, a local is off to start his day.

A very shy kid spotted on our trek back to the Kabigan Falls entrance.

Looks like she'll grow up to be a beauty.

I would have been spooked big time had a ghost appeared behind me @__@



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2 responses to “Snapshots of Ilocanos

  1. Lovely pictures. Yeah, a ghost would have freaked you out! 🙂

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