Conversation with Kids and a Serious Plea to My Uterus and Egg Cells

When my sister and her family go on vacation, our home becomes even smaller (if that’s possible), more cramp and more chaotic than ever. And in the midst of all the chaos is the chorus of laughter, giggles, cries, whines and petty fights of my four niblings and some cute conversations I had with them.

Jacob (while eating a Jollibee ‘cheeseburguh’) in his British-laced accent: Ang saaaarrappp! Walang ganito sa Banbury…. Ma-miss ko ito when I go back to England. Atsaka ikaw din, Mama Weng!

When he gave me that sweet smile and quick kiss, I thought I will burst into big, fat tears.

Side notes:

In our family, we call most of our aunts, Mama and our uncles, Papa. So now, I’m Mama Weng. I jokingly reprimand them not to call me that in public because I will have to seriously say adieu to my already-non-existent lovelife. LOL.

He doesn’t live in Banbury but my sister’s friend who sometimes looks after him does; so I don’t know why he specifically said that place.

Pierre (as we pass by a siomai kiosk): Mama Weng, gusto ko po yan. Eto money ko o. And then he holds up a peso coin in each of his little hands. (Note: One order of siomai at that kiosk costs Php25.)

I thought my heart would break. I wanted to hoard all the siomai my money could buy.

My dad overheard a conversation between Jacob and Pierre:

Jacob: Pierre, help me please (with Toy Story PSP game).

Pierre remains unmoving and busy with my brother-in-law’s iPad liit (as he calls the iTouch).

Lolo: Sige na Pierre tulungan mo muna si Kuya Jacob.

Pierre obligingly gets the PSP but probably didn’t look happy helping his cousin with the game.

Jacob: Pierre, wag kang magalit sa akin ha. Maliit ka pa.  

I’m like ‘Whhhuuuttt???’  This kid is so quotable; I have to take down notes when he’s talking.

Micai and Jonah hardly speak but they sure cause the most trouble, headache and insanity. Micai calls me Ma Weng in her sweet high-pitched nasal voice and romps around like she’s one of the boys. Jonah calls me Mommy or he just smiles and holds up his chubby arms so I’ll save him from his prison, The Crib. And he has the penchant to say ‘No’ to everything even if he means ‘Yes’.

When they are all awake, we say goodbye to peace and quiet and say hello to madness and chaos. One minute, they’re getting along just fine the next thing we know they’re fighting over crayons, drawing pads, PSP, iPad or iPad liit.

With the constant chaos and ever present noise at home courtesy of our cute little monsters, I was thinking of having a serious talk with my uterus and egg cells. That should any of my eggs ever get fertilized, let there be only one successful fetus that will cry out of my system.

Oh please dear God! I’m not sure if I can manage to stay sane and handle twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and all the other ‘lets’ out there.  Just ONE please. **down on bended knee** So please let The Egg Fertilizer be a good one (physically, figuratively, emotionally, psychologically, etc). Now to find (and test???) that potential donor… \(.^_^.)/  ***mind wandering off **

It gets crazy. It gets noisy. It gets frustrating. It’s tiring. But I adore these little monsters I call my niblings. And much as I love them, discipline comes with it even at an early age. As my mom puts it, baliin ang sungay habang bata pa dahil pag tanda niyan, hindi mo na yan kayang disiplinahin. We all agree.

I love ‘me time’,but  life without them is simply unimaginable. Though I feel some kind of reprieve when I’m away from them, I miss their presence too. And much as I welcome the sanctuary of the office, the chaos of our home is certainly something I don’t mind… when my mood swings are not going haywire, that is. (.^_^.)


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7 responses to “Conversation with Kids and a Serious Plea to My Uterus and Egg Cells

  1. Ivy

    Its nice na may mga ganyan kang
    Pamangkins, cute, makukulit yet adorable. Enjoy them while they are still kids. Mamimiss mo mga yan pag lumaki na.

  2. fourkaster

    natawa naman ako dito.. serious plea with uterus and egg cells

    o sha tara, sama sama tayong maghanap ng donor.. and let’s start this by the beach!! 😉

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