Random Thoughts Sparked by Random Things

:: People complain endlessly of sky-rocketing oil and commodity prices but a lot of them will shell out Php50-60 for an overrated ice cream stick.  I rather add more than a hundred pesos and buy a half gallon tub of ice cream that my whole family will enjoy; Reese’s Ice Cream, Heath Ice Cream, Coffee Almond Cookie… but not a single piece of  that Twitter-hyped ice cream stick.

:: And on this toothpaste commercial: ‘To the most incredible girl, Ga’. How can this guy even say ‘most incredible’ when they have spoken to each other for barely five seconds?! I mean seriously. This guy came to that conclusion when the girl hasn’t even had the chance to utter her two-syllable name? Come effin’ on! 

:: Shirtless profile photos coupled with muscle-flexing is just too crass. A nice body is akin to the brain; not visible but pretty obvious if you’ve got it or not. In the vernacular:

Ang magandang pangangatawan, parang utak; di man nakikita, nahahalata naman kung meron o wala.

:: At a fast food resto, this man feels a sense of entitlement just because he wears a police uniform. He proceeds to give the service crew some money for his order because he thinks he’s too powerful to fall in line and buy his own food. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind and tell him, ‘That service crew, in essence, pays for your salary, you bozo!’

:: Sa pag-ibig, ang matino napupunta sa loko; ang loko napupunta sa matino. Sinasabi na nga bang isang malaking lokohan lang ang pag-ibig eh! #maypinaghuhugutan    *** LOL! ***

One more day…. and it’s Friday! Wooohhhoooo! (.^____^.)



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2 responses to “Random Thoughts Sparked by Random Things

  1. fourkaster

    hahaha.. epekto ang bakasyon???!

    pati commercial pinagdiskitahan.. buti na lang ala akong maipagmamalaking muscle s profile pix ko.. nyahaha… just love of posting it kasi summer which means TARALETS Bitch este BEACH!!! nyahahaha

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