Commuting Around Ilocos Sur: Vigan (Night 2)

After we attacked our empanada, it was an uneventful two-hour ride from Laoag to Vigan. We just took in the coolness of the bus and succumbed to some much needed power nap before reaching the last leg of our adventure.

Around 630PM, we were finally in Vigan. We rode the trike to Grandpa’s Inn and as we saw our room, we forgot how tired we were because our room was just so gorgeous and cozy.

Grandpa's Inn has mixed reviews but we really loved our short stay here.

We finally felt like humans again after a nice warm bath and we decided to head out for dinner. And this is after we battled the urge to stay and finish Aga Muhlach’s movie on cable. Because he is still my ultimate crush until now. Who cares if the media says he’s getting chubby? I like flesh on my men. The dimples are add-ons I so would not mind at all. (.^__^.)

It was as we were strolling this street when the 50ish man sneaked up on me. Kerrrazzy dude.

Calle Crisologo at night is just as charming as I imagined it to be. It was years since I last visited but it still feels like the first time. As I was taking photos of my friends, I was so shocked when a late-50ish foreigner sneaked up on me. He took me by the armpits, I almost coughed out a crisp curse that we Filipinos are so known for. Good thing I wasn’t holding my tripod, else I would have smacked him good with it. But he seemed like he’s just doing a Just for Gags on me so I let it pass.

We strolled the stretch of Calle Crisologo to find some decent dinner.

We finally had our dinner at Trellis, which happened to have a live acoustic band that night. They were ok, except for some of their song choices and occasions when it seemed like they have their own lyrics. We generally enjoyed their gig though.

The walk back to Grandpa's Inn. Lovely night!


Trike fare from terminal to inn (Php50/3)

Php 17

Accommodation with free breakfast (Php2230/3)


Tip (Php150/3)





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2 responses to “Commuting Around Ilocos Sur: Vigan (Night 2)

  1. sue canilao

    Hi Weng! I enjoyed reading this. Hope I can go with my sister. But since we’re older, we’ll probably add more rest and eating days…ha ha ha

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