Commuting Around Ilocos Norte: Saud (Night 1)

Weary from a long day of lugging our stuff around while doing our city tour, we dozed off in that ordinary bus and when we woke up, we managed to crack up at our disheveled state. Picture us with wind-blown and matted hair, matched with dusty (and oily) faces and feet. We were such a sorry sight but we still managed to be in a tired-but-cheerful mood.

To pass the two-hour journey to Saud, I took photos of the countryside which pretty much looks the same as in most part of Ilocos.

The road to Saud via an ordinary bus.

Though there are occasional not-so-nose-friendly-countryside-smell, I still love the cool (and strong) wind blowing into the open bus window.

I only had three snaps of the road to Saud, because I dozed off yet again as I gazed outside and took in the quiet countryside.

Around 6PM, we finally arrived in Sawit Junction in Burgos. In our sorry state, we  still managed to charm our way into asking for directions or maybe because we looked kawawa already. Hahaha. We then hired a trike (driven by Manong Vicente) to take us to Saud and he dropped us off at one of the beaches lined up there (which happened to be the same beach that Francisco, the Fil-Am guy we met at Paoay Church, suggested).

Tip: Saud beaches are reminiscent of Puerto Galera. Accommodations are lined up; and as you go farther from the center, the cheaper it gets. So if you’re not prissy, get the cheaper one and just have your meals at the fancier places in the area. 😉

It was the fastest wardrobe change I made before dipping into the glorious beach for some night swimming. Ok fine. We didn’t plunged as fast. We had to do some (ok, a lot) of cam-whoring first before we finally gave in to the seduction of the waves.  (^__^)

Our sumptuous dinner of bagnet (again! ^_^) and ginataang sitaw at kalabasa.

The beach isn’t that well-lighted so after relaxing and chatting by the shore, we headed back while the restos still provided some light and took our much needed bath. Finally! We then headed to the nearest resto to feast on yet another round of bagnet and ginataang sitaw at kalabasa (String beans and squash in coconut milk). Much as we wanted to have a nightcap, most restos were closed already so we just went back to our room to get some decent sleep and prepare for our next tour. Pagudpud here we come! ♥


Bus fare from Laoag to Pagudpud (ordinary)


Trike fare to Saud (Php45/3)


Accommodation (Php1200/3)


TOTAL     485


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