Preview: 3-Day Ilocos Adventure

I was supposed to jumpstart the summer with a trip to Sagada with friends but what is planning a vacation without encountering those (annoying) hitches, right? And so, in place of that, I decided to scour the web for info on how to commute around Ilocos, grabbed my available travel galpals and dredged up a 3-day itinerary  that will cover Laoag,  Pagudpud and Vigan.

Those three days of vacation were a mixture of grueling journey by bus, trike and calesa (horse-drawn carriage) and occasional rough roads. But it’s so easy to overlook those difficulties because these were compensated by the amazing places and people we met along the way. Not a single bad experience in Ilocos.     \(^_^)/

This vintage chest, displayed at the Syquia Mansion, is made of camphor wood; the inside smells so good you'd want to curl up and sleep.

Over the next days, I will be posting the treasure of info I found and share with you the details, tips and expenses of our 3-day Ilocos adventure. In the meantime, here’s a preview of our itinerary:

Day 0 Mar 16 8PM Depart for Laoag
Day 1 Mar17 6AM ETA in Laoag
Laoag Tour
4PM Depart for Pagudpud
6PM Head to Saud
Day 2 Mar 18 7AM North/South Pagudpud Tour
2PM Depart for Laoag
4PM Continue travel to Vigan
6PM ETA in Vigan
Night stroll
Day 3 Mar 19 8AM Vigan Tour
1PM Depart for Manila
9PM ETA in Manila



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6 responses to “Preview: 3-Day Ilocos Adventure

  1. Iam4kaster

    ..with the bloopers of poizon1vy and the amazing ‘anito’ backrider.. surely you’ll have a super laugh trip experience.. :))

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