Commuting to Laoag, Ilocos Norte (Day 0)

We took the 8PM bus schedule to Laoag from the Partas Cubao Terminal located at Aurora Boulevard. Buses leave every hour (starting at 8PM-12MN) so you don’t have to worry in case you miss your preferred schedule. I must say, I was surprised that they really leave on time.


  • From the Cubao MRT, take the stairs opposite the Farmer’s Market Plaza. You have an option to hire a  tricycle or take a 5-10 minutes walk (depending on your pace, of course) to the terminal.  Since I grew up in Cubao, I know this area to be notorious; so be aware of your surroundings and your belongings and walk fast. I suggest you go towards Aurora Boulevard because it’s well-lighted compared to the shorter route via an alley right below the Cubao MRT.
  • Have your dinner before proceeding to the terminal because there’s no fast food chain within their vicinity (only girly bars 😉 ) but they do have their cafeteria should you get really hungry.

Travel time is approximately 10 hours including 2 stopovers before you reach Laoag. In our case, it only took 9.5 hours.


ETD Manila: 8:00PM

ETA Laoag: 5:30AM

Fare: Php917 (Deluxe)

It was during our stopover that I bumped into two of my professors from college; they were on their way to visit  St. Paul University in Vigan (I studied at the Quezon City campus). They look like they haven’t aged at all. I swear! And because we chatted like anything, I forgot to snap us a photo.  So here’s a shoutout to them: Hola! Ms. Elsa Hufano (who looks prettier with her straight hair) and Ms. Lolit Albit (who looks just as charming with her dark brown-dyed hair)! And yes, we call our professors “Miss” and we say it in our infamous kolehiyala accent; “Ma’am” for us is really unheard of. I had to learn and get used to it in the workplace because at one point, I called my boss “Miss”. Good thing she didn’t feel weird because she came from an all-girls school as well. 😀

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