I Dare to Ask: Where is Your Sensitivity, Inquirer?

I am furious over some people’s tendency to publish photos just because they have the right to do so; with insensitivity and respect thrown out into oblivion. But in this case, “…those were only photos available.”  So The Inquirer said.

The infamous front page of a supposedly decent broadsheet.

That is the lame-brained, pathetic excuse of Inquirer for the photos they published of Mr. Demetrio Vicente, a witness of the defense for Chief Justice Corona’s impeachment trial.

He is a stroke survivor, you @#$?%#!!! What were your editors and whoever took those photos thinking OR not thinking at that moment?

The question is: if those were the only photos available, why did you even bother publishing it? Or if you really need to insert an image for that article, why create a montage? Is one photo not enough?

As children, our parents and teachers instilled in us the value of respect especially for the elders and those who are physically incapacitated. So were you covering your ears when this was taught?

Again, why post those photos? Is this move politically motivated? Because he is not one of them?

Once again, Inquirer has shown the low standards it lives by. Take this news they posted online (which I happen to save) two weeks ago on the hiker who died at Mt. Batulao.

Now, on their Facebook page they’re saying:

Well, the harm has been done. And for that insensitivity, you managed to chuck out a 3-sentence apology and hoped that it wiped away the hurt it caused Mr. Vicente’s family and friends and appeased the readers who opted to make a stand and let you see just how tasteless your choice was.

You have already shown how obscenely insensitive you can get. Your editors (at talagang may editors pa yang lagay na yan!) may benefit from another course on Media Ethics and Photojournalism or maybe sit down with grade schoolers and attend their Good Manners and Right Conduct class (or whatever it’s called these days… #alamna).


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One response to “I Dare to Ask: Where is Your Sensitivity, Inquirer?

  1. Ivy

    Ano ba naman yan? Tama di naman na dapat ilagay yung picture. Napakainsensitive naman talaga oh. Baka naman pro Corona yung nagpost niyan sa inquirer.

    Itong mga media na ito, TV o newspapers, sablay din talaga magdeliver nr news eh.

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