Bipolar-Afflicted Greenbelt

This post is NOT meant to be: holier-than-thou, prudish, and condescending. It’s an observation on the blatant flesh trading in the Greenbelt area and the Ayala management’s blind eye on the proliferation of such negotiations. That being said, here goes.

Greenbelt has been manifesting some bipolar disorder symptoms and over the years, it has sadly progressed to a full-blown disorder. During daytime, Greenbelt is as wholesome as it gets:  a date place for couples; a go-to place for families and friends who just want to hang out; and for office buddies who want to have lunch or de-stress after a day’s work. But at night, it becomes a whore, I mean a whole different place. It suddenly transforms into a venue for flagrant flesh vending in all forms and genders, in complete view of diners, passersby and kids who happen to be with their families.

What is the Ayala management doing about this? Are all Ayala security people blind? Are they even aware of the ongoing flesh trade in their premises? Note that these are not being done covertly; the negotiations are way too obvious you’ll have to be a huge halfwit not to know what’s going on.

If they still need signs or proof of such trade, then all they have to do is sit back, sip coffee and watch from the prime seats located at Starbucks, Café Havana and Seattle’s Best. The deliberate physical display of assets alone is a dead giveaway; the rest is common sense, which apparently is not so common since obvious flesh trade has escaped their attention.

The Makati red light district in P. Burgos and Makati Avenue are there to cater to this business. But for it to overflow to this side of Makati could mean: competition is stiff (pun intended. 🙂 ) in that zone or business is more lucrative on this side of the fence. Are they in this because of poverty? I don’t know. Because from my perspective, if they are poor then surgically altering their breasts, butts and noses should be the least of priorities. #justsaying



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3 responses to “Bipolar-Afflicted Greenbelt

  1. Ivy

    What once to be a sosi and a nice place to go to for a simple girl’s night out is now a whore house at night. Sigh!

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