Cheap Caffeine Fixes

I am a certified caffeine junkie and I’ve recently discovered some cheap coffee treasures at the supermarket.

Cappuccino for just P8.00 and it comes with chocolate powder too!

These other cheap coffee fixes can be had for less than P10 each and they are surprisingly good too, hot or cold. With the super hot weather now, I love it iced. So do the math, a grande iced cappuccino at coffee shops cost around P130. You can have more than 13 of these for the price of one.

Nescafe Gold retails for around P47 for a pack of 5; while Trung Nguyen G7, the famous and delicious Vietnamese coffee, retails for around P72 per box of 10. A neighborhood supermarket sells this by piece, which is a good idea for people who want to try it first. Believe me, this tastes good!

Wickedly cheap, good coffee

But being the coffee junkie that I am, I will still go to a coffee shop, do people watching, surf on my phone or my netbook or just read a good book. (^_^)


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9 responses to “Cheap Caffeine Fixes

  1. Talk about coffee, have you ever noticed that as soon as you sit down to a hot cup of coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold

  2. I’m picturing your eyes when you have gulped 13 of these Kopiccinos in one go qO_Op

  3. Such ability or superpowers would make even Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow envy you.

    And even Thor for that matter 😀

  4. Thor with his perfectly coifed feminine blond hair…

    Be careful! 😛

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