Celebrating our Paper Anniversary

We’ve been together for exactly a year now. Time flew so fast.

I had to think things through several times before going head on with the decision to be finally with him; and it was worth it. No regrets.

Seeing him for the first time sent my heart into fits of palpitation; I never wanted anything so bad as much as I wanted him. My head was going ballistic over the images of us together- strolling, hanging out and traveling.

Then I saw him again.  The mere sight of him leaves me smiling like an idiot on happy drugs.

And then finally, I touched him. It was the first time in ages that I felt butterflies in my stomach again. That persistent warm, tingling sensation that makes your toes curl in anticipation and excitement.  He feels real good to the touch. We just fit.

A few months later, he had an accident. He fell hard on the ground, and so did my heart. Good thing, a medic was on duty and took care of him. He’s such a toughie and I’m so proud of him.

Here’s to more years together!

The growing Nikon family: Nikon lens radio/speaker/mp3 player; replica mug; 18-55mm; 55-300mm; and a 50mm. Can you tell the replicas from the real lens? 😉


Now if only I can bridge the disconnect between those words and the current state-of-the-heart.  hahaha

Dear Almighty, I’m not (yet) banging on heaven’s door regarding that stuff I read somewhere that You’re preparing  my eventual meeting with The One. But that’s suppose to happen in this  lifetime, right?  

>(^__^) < 




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4 responses to “Celebrating our Paper Anniversary

  1. iAmFourKaster

    he is sooooooooooooo lucky to have you 😉

  2. Ivy

    Natawa ako dito sobra ha. Haha.. Kala ko naman kung ano. Pero pwede na din… perfect analogy. Si Dad si camera. Si mom (you) yung lens. The rest mga anak niyo. Happy family!

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