A Cookie for a Cookie

A plan has been set and the date was agreed on to have this city escape only to be dampened by people who back out for valid reasons (which I totally get) and  annoying, lame reasons (which totally brings out my claws). I’m sure those reasons will be contested as valid but I rather not delve on them lest I fume at the mouth again and be the proverbial dragon that I am.

As I was ranting my head off over coffee, this good-natured guy looked over our table, smiled and did the most unusual thing. He offered me a cookie. He must have noticed how red-faced I was as I recount the most infuriating conversation I had in a very long while. So he politely smiled and offered his cookie; to which I graciously refused but he was adamant that I take a nip off of it.

I was embarrassed for ranting like I did because it felt like I was talking loudly but I’m not; I was just emphatic and he must have seen it all.   So I smiled and thanked him and he said something like, “It’s ok to rant… let it out and you’ll be ok soon… Now, I see a smile. That’s good.” Then he went back to his seat.

He pretty much checked on us every some odd minutes and then he came back to give me the “best part of the cookie”, as he puts it; the one that’s laden with chocolate chips and macadamia nuts. And that’s when he finally sat down and chatted for a bit. We soon found out he’s a retired US Navy and has been going around the city for the past few months. He’s actually visited Quiapo, Binondo, Divisoria and he loves shopping at Cash & Carry and Waltermart rather than at Rustan’s because he finds it expensive. He’s gone to Dumaguete, Coron, Puerto Princesa, Puerto Galera, Tagaytay and some other touristy spot in the country. He tells his friends to come to our country because it’s just amazing and the people are really nice and smart (well…! 😉 ) Cool guy!

So here’s a shoutout to you, Mr. Ex-US Navy: Thank you for giving a cookie like me, a cookie and the smile it ensued. And yes, that chocolate too! It was like he knows I love dark, hardcore chocolate. I hope you enjoy your stay and that I’m the last cookie you get to accidentally meet at a coffee shop. 



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2 responses to “A Cookie for a Cookie

  1. Ivy

    He is right! Its ok to rant else you go crazy!

    Very nice guy and so down to earth. Imagine quiapo and divisoria? And he really finds our country nice and amazing. Nakakatuwa. Makes you proud to hear about it.

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