Hate You Then, Love You Now

This is how I wish to spend post-Valentines Friday; express my gratitude to the people and places that at one point annoyed me or scared me because they made for who I am today. Not entirely happy but extremely grateful for the things that came my way.

To my math teacher in high school who has the power to make an entire class tremble in fear at the mere sound of her footsteps down the hall: thank you for teaching like you do because it got me exempted from my math finals in college. Even my friends in high school who knew about it were so stunned at that accomplishment so, THANK YOU!

To my Physical Education teacher who said “duduguin ako syo” (to which I bitchily answered in my head, “Bleed to death for all I care.”) because I can’t get what she’s trying to make me do: thank you because it made me prove to myself that I’m academically ok, I just detested her class and that stupid ‘skin-the-snake-backwards’. Yes, that was what she was teaching us that time and I don’t know if there is any significant impact that shit has got to do with my life today.

To this guy from way back who used my computer skills and writing skills: I hope you found a cure for your severe case of amnesia and that you are well enough to remember you have not thanked me for helping you. Come to think of you did! Through a lame text message and an equally lame promise to dinner. But just so you know, it is I who wish to thank you for making me realize that I can be so stupidly kind sometimes and that I should curtail my neurotic penchant for men who need me.

To the all-girls school I attended in college: I was so stoked for college because finally, after years of studying in an all-girls school, I get to mingle with The Boys. But as fate would have it, I will be stuck in an all-girls school for another four years of my life. Then again, had I didn’t study there, I wouldn’t have met the amazing set of girl friends I have. They’re  pretty, brainy, funny (wish I can include myself here; because as they say, birds of the same feather… are the same birds! hahaha) and I love that though we don’t see each other as often, it’s like no time was lost in between when we finally find a common time to get together.  I miss you girls!

To an ex back in college: I didn’t hate him that time (he must have hated me) as I’m the one who broke it off but just the same, I’m glad we broke up because I got my degree and currently enjoying the whims and woes of singlehood and the corporate life. I seriously cannot see myself knocked up at a young age or working just about anywhere because I didn’t finish school. I sincerely hope you and your family are doing well.

To the first company I worked for: the salary suck BIG time and the sheer lack of career growth is utterly unbelievable but because I met a lot of my good friends there, I am happy to have been blinded for years on end. It’s been more than half a decade since I left that company but the friendship remained. Some opted to stay there, some left off to better-paying jobs elsewhere but we still see each other and even go together for vacation. So thank you for the crappy salary and the great friends I made.

What better way to cap off this post than with an appropriately-titled song… ♥♥♥ Happy Post-Valentine’s Day, Everyone! ♥♥♥



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5 responses to “Hate You Then, Love You Now

  1. Ivy

    Hehe…this made me laugh. Kawawa naman yung PE and Math teacher mo. Sana nababasa nila ito..

  2. Thanks for the funny post!! It made me laugh 🙂

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