Music Heard from TV Series

Ever felt that feeling that you have way too much time on your hands that you can watch series upon series? Then you realize, you didn’t have that much time; you were just awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Damn! I suffered headaches in the office and dark circles around my eyes, looking like a raccoon who subsists on several liters of caffeine just to stay awake. But these songs from Chuck and Californication made all the eyebags worth it.

Faithfully by Clem Snide

I didn’t quite get the song until a few minutes after because it was sung so differently. It was played on the fourth episode of Season 5 as Hank and ex-wife, Karen were talking about the dinner fiasco. He knows he loves her (even his date, who dissed him big time during dinner, knows it) but he has problems staying faithful to her. Men! Honestly! 

Little Round Mirrors by Harvey Danger

This song was played as Becca was looking out the window, she saw her guitar teacher, who she happens to be crushing on, pick up Mia for a date.  That scene was a real heart breaker.

Nothing Man by Pearl Jam

Probably one of the best scenes from Californication. The letter that Hank wrote for Karen was so simple yet it strikes a raw nerve. He is such a chronic womanizer but there is this one woman who turns him into a putty in her hands.  I think this was that one scene that had me glued to this series until now.

In My Sleep by Austin Hartley-Leonard and Kendall Jane Meade

A few seconds into the song and I had to Google the lyrics and find out what the song was. I just love how Chuck gets so flustered and incoherent around Sarah like a teenage boy.

Astair by Matt Costa

You can feel Morgan’s heart breaking as he saw his best friend Chuck making out with his ultimate crush Hannah.  This is so laslas-pulso (wrist-slashing) moment for Morgan. 😦

Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé

I’m not sure if this was ever played on Chuck but I love the song and these two… so I might as well include it


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  1. See just like a shoe, if someone is REALLY meant for u, they will just fit perfectly: no forcing, no struggling, & no pain.

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