Shoot for the Moon

Growing up, our parents told us to dream big, reach for the stars, shoot for the moon (which I literally did last night because it was the full moon and I finally have the gear to get a decent shot of it).

As we journey through life it could mean:

  • Getting a degree in spite of dire circumstances
  • Landing a job right after school and hope they will see your worth
  • If they don’t, keep transferring until one company does
  • Saving and investing money
  • Asking a girl you’ve been eyeing on for a date and hope she says yes
  • Telling a guy you find him cute and hope it doesn’t scare him
  • Buying jeans that’s a size smaller because you know it will fit by the end of the week
  • Wearing a nice dress because you know the cosmic forces will forge that encounter with your crush
  • Your crush will see beyond your average looks and see your total awesomeness as a person \(^_^)/
  • Telling someone you love them with no guarantees of reciprocation
  • Getting into a relationship

We all take a shot at the moon and hope that the stars will be on our side. There will be times it will but other times it won’t.

It’s like digging our own grave and putting one foot in it. It’s like setting ourselves up for the inevitable heartbreak of  failed expectations, unrequited love and what-have-you-terrible things that grown-ups go through before finding what truly makes them happiest. One may find it in another person, a dog (or a bitch… just got to say that. haha), a cause to believe in, a profession or a hobby.

Whatever it is, how would we know IF we never tried?



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4 responses to “Shoot for the Moon

  1. Ivy

    I like how you think and your full moon shot. Very alive and vivid

  2. fourkaster

    nice shot! love it!

    And just like a child, I can’t help myself to make a wish.. 😉

    “hindi sa talang nakasilip, kungdi sa buwang nakatingin
    pagbigyan ang nais ng batang humihiling”..

    nyahahaha 🙂

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