Tales from the Pits

As kids, my sister and I grew up snuggling under our father’s armpit. We love how good it smells even in the middle of the day. It was no wonder when we found out that during the early stages of our mom’s pregnancy, she loved smelling my dad’s armpit as she sleeps. I don’t know if she does that until now. I’m not sure I want to know. Hahaha. But given that they are almost at each other’s throat everyday, it will be a surprise if they are even remotely sweet to each other. The last time I saw them sweet was when my father was hospitalized but few weeks after, they’re back at having a go at each other again when the opportunity arises. Sweet fellas right there 😉

I heard from I-can’t-recall-where, once you found that armpit where you can stay forever, then you found love in that person. Strangely, I find myself nodding in agreement. And then my reverie takes me back to those halcyon days \(^_^)/  Call me weird but I kind of dig the smell of the perfect mix of natural scent and deo. It’s so sexy.

I remember this guy from way, way back. I already noticed him before but didn’t pay much attention until I collided with him head on and chatted for a bit. I remember him looking flushed because he ran a flight of stairs but I thought to myself, how can this guy smell so good? I saw he was kind of perspiring then but damn! He smell really good I had to stop myself from actually sniffing him like a dog on training. It was the scent of sweat, soap and fresh shirt. No perfume, I swear! And my brain processed all of those in the few minutes we spoke. And proven that he smells really good the next time we saw each other… and the next… and the next… 😀

There are men who overdo things that you can smell them from a mile away.

Then there are men who are so confident with their looks they think they can get away with body odor.

Dude, here’s the news. You cannot.

Unless of course all the women (and men) are so enamored with your looks and have severe colds that their sense of smell is numb or you just about totally paralyzed their olfactory nerve with your mere presence.



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3 responses to “Tales from the Pits

  1. stuartart

    If you like the natural smell encourage your man to use bauxite crystals. They are a natural bacteria suppressant – so no nasty body odours! I haven’t worn deodorant for a few years now – 🙂

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