Travel Diaries: Wan Chai District

Wan Chai was my home from May to August last year; my first ever shot at living solo due to work. While it sent me to fits of homesickness initially, I lately find myself musing over my quiet life there as a single, I.T. consultant, who strolls the city and the islands by her lonesome self on weekends and holidays.

I just love the vibrant colors of the different MTR Island Line stations

At first, I find it really hard to trust and enjoy this neighborhood because the serviced apartment I was billed in is surrounded by several girly bars, which sadly is fronted mostly by our kababayans. They entice tourists and locals alike in their barely-there outfits; they would grab their arms and try to pull them inside, sometimes almost close to begging them to check out the place. It’s just sad. Well, maybe for them it’s not, as it could be survival for them and their families back home. I don’t judge.

Anyway, sooner than later, the neighborhood grew on me and I’ve come to love my adoptive home. As they say, warts and all.

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