Intramuros on a Whim

My triumph over my constant battle with laziness brought me to the heart of Manila,  and I proudly did it hardcore! That translates in my dictionary as commuting by  jeep towards my ultimate destination: Intramuros. Check the tips below for directions.

It felt like my street-smart meter went up ten notches after my spontaneous afternoon stroll to The Walled City. It just had to because I took down the directions in a piece of paper, placed it in my shorts’ pocket and then I did a last minute change to another pair of shorts. And you can guess what happened next.  It could have been a whole lot easier had I ridden the cab but my serious issues with cab drivers in general left me with the cheaper-pollution-ridden alternative, the jeepney.

Since I went there for the sheer heck of not wasting a holiday in bed, I have no plans and no idea where to start, so I just wandered about, with the mindset of merely scouting the place and the intention of going back for a more systematic stroll to cover the entire city.

As I trudged along, it really is more fun in the Philippines. The people are just kinder (I don’t think it was just a stroke of luck as luck seems to have eluded me for some time now 😉 ). I reached Intramuros by merely asking for directions from security guards at the LRT 3, vendors and jeepney drivers. And it’s strange that I felt no security threat at all given that I’m wandering on my own and rode the jeep too. Maybe because I did pester The Almighty yet again to protect me in my little adventure.  O:)

Tips: Going to Intramuros from Marikina City

  1. Take the LRT3 Katipunan and alight at Recto Station.
  2. Follow the direction to Doroteo Jose Station.
  3. Go down the flight of stairs; it will lead you to rows of stalls selling just about anything.
  4. Go down the escalator and exit through the right door.
  5. Cross the small street and ride the jeep with the Mabini or Pier signage. Tell the driver to drop you off at Intramuros. 

Walk a short distance and head towards the arched stone and that will be one of the many entrances to Intramuros.



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4 responses to “Intramuros on a Whim

  1. My triumph over my constant battle with laziness brought me to Chinatown this weekend for some snapshots of the Kong Hei Fat Choi festivities. I shall post it soon. You made some good shots of Intramuros! It’s good to go out.

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