Chunks of Life’s Little Ironies

How we have so many friends yet only a mere fraction of them actually know us or what we truly feel or think.

We have so many friends yet it is only with a few that we allow ourselves to be so vulnerable, we’re almost naked, in front of them. We  handed them bullets that they can use against us when we have a falling out, yet we know that they will never use it no matter what.

We have hundreds (some even have thousands) of friends in our social network yet we can count in one hand those that we have entrusted the deepest and arcane desires of our hearts.

There are so many people who have their hands outstretched because they think we need them (which may be true) yet we turn them down because, well, we just like to be left alone.

We know we need someone yet we don’t want to be with anyone.

And as cryptic as we try to be, we wish that someone can actually understand what we are trying to say.

We successfully build a wall around ourselves yet part of us desire for someone to scale that wall and appreciate the person behind it. And then it gets more complex. See next.

When finally someone bravely climbs that wall, we shun them away and retreat further to build another wall because in our dysfunctional minds, they are all after the same thing. Or they are just not good enough for us.

Which brings out the question, what is it that we really want?  Ironically, we don’t have an answer to that, or even if we do, it’s so incoherent that it left us in an even more confused state.

As happy as we are on the outside, we hope that someone can actually see the sadness behind it and try to cheer us up in a non-obvious way because we don’t want to feel we’re unsuccessful at putting up a brave front.

Yes, I may have used ‘we’ but essentially, it’s just me. Or maybe not. 😉



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3 responses to “Chunks of Life’s Little Ironies

  1. Ivy

    Nice! I like how you have thought and wrote all these. Pwedeng pang feature o editorial page

  2. fourkaster

    Got teary eyed 😦

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