A Visual Retrospect on 2011

The past year gave me a lot of exciting, exhilarating,  and gut-wrenching experiences that made 2011 one reeling roller coaster ride of emotions.

And if there IS anything I have learned in the past year (and I have repeated it several times over already), “what if” are two seemingly non-threatening words when used separately but potentially lethal when used collectively. It has the power to occupy your waking hours and give you sleepless nights.

What if I sent that message? What if I made that call? What if all you have is now? What if you missed that chance because you were too shy? What if you took that leap of faith?

Tomorrow is promised to NO ONE. Not even to the young. You can pray to the highest heavens and even do your bargaining in the process but even that doesn’t guarantee you that one more day.

Today is all we have, maybe that’s why it’s called present. It’s a gift. A gift that we take for granted because we foolishly think we’ll still wake up tomorrow. WHAT IF you don’t?

So I say this. And this is regardless of age and gender. Send that text. Make that call. Ask that date. Take those lessons. Book that flight. Read that book. Capture those moments. Eat that cake.

WARNING: Doing these do not guarantee happiness and ecstasy; it may actually send you into fits of sadness and depression. But if you ask me, I rather experience those than live my life not knowing the equally dreaded what-might-have-been.

Take responsibility for your actions. Or to put it bluntly, GROW UP.

And so I look back. In all honesty, it was an exciting-crappy-disillusioning-scary-happy 2011. Surprisingly, with the range of emotions I felt that year, I still manage to be sane. Though I’m pretty sure those who know me have their eyebrows up on the roof already. You shameless lot! Kidding! (^_^)



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3 responses to “A Visual Retrospect on 2011

  1. Farah Jonson

    Inspirational writing. My soul is enlightened by your typed words and warm heart.

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