From Planner To Photo Diary

The battle for the best must-have planner has been an ongoing competition among coffee shops during the holidays. And for 2011, we were able to collect three all because my sister was on Christmas vacation that time and we are just certified caffeine-guzzlers. Come to think of it, I would have had a fourth planner had I accepted it as a gift but I had to graciously refuse because it was just a tad too expensive (those who collect know that you have to spend close to p2,000 for one nifty planner).

But the love for having the planner is not commensurate as to diligently writing on it. I tend to leave it at home because it’s heavy or it just won’t fit in my bag or I’m just plain lazy to do so.

And since 2011 is one of the best years I’ve had in a while, I converted it into a photo diary of sorts. I carefully selected photos I took that year; had it printed in 2R; pasted it on the pages of the planner; and scribbled some text to help me remember the story behind the photo. I used post-its and color pens to jazz it up a bit, too.

Try it! It’s a fun way to make better use of your planner and even more fun way to look back in the year that was 😀

First project for 2012



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3 responses to “From Planner To Photo Diary

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  2. Ivy

    This is nice…..sana I can be that creative too and do this to my planner as well….

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