Year-End Thoughts

There was a time when I would go into fits of holiday blues and countless banging on heaven’s door fit for a drama queen.  All that because of petty things that a juvenile troubles herself with. Sorely missing the point that it is a blessing and a privilege to wake up every single day for the past decades; a privilege that can be taken anytime even as you are going about the most mundane thing… like maybe writing a blog.

The past year has brought lots of blessings in small and big packages; loads of  excitement (~~ sigh! ~~) and more life thoughts and realizations.

The most wonderful gift: time.

As a kid, I’ve always loved presents (who doesn’t?) but as I got older, while material gifts are appreciated, I find time that people spend to write on my wall, send a PM or SMS or call even for just a minute, just about as touching.

Time spent with friends, families and all the others in between is something that you can never take back. Everything that happened in that span of time is already etched in the brain and even when you have a falling out and you want to be immature about it, you cannot return it nor take it away. Unless you get amnesia, of course.

Life is meant to be lived.

There are no guarantees for the choices we make, but it is better to have made that choice than to live in a lifetime of regret.

I would love to say, “Throw cautions to the wind” but the sane part of me says “Keep something for yourself”.

Never let biases and other’s preconceived notions deter you from getting to know a person. 

It is so easy to believe what others say about a person; but if we do that, we are robbing ourselves the chance of having a possible friend in that person.

Desperation is so unappealing.

Especially for girls, there is that fine line between letting a guy know that you like them or crushing on them and desperately chasing them. There should still be an ounce of  self-restraint and a pound of self-respect. Operative word: self-preservation.

Never let self-respect go. Learn when to let go, hang on and just let things run their own course.

Have the guts and ask.

I used to believe that if you won’t like the answer, don’t ask the question. But I’ve learned to ask and brace myself for the answer.

It was probably the most stomach-wrenching, nerve-wracking moment this year. While it took all of the guts that God supplied me with for the year, putting it out there surely put things in a better, clearer perspective.

Blunt honesty is more refreshing than carefully phrased words that is ultimately full of useless crap anyway.

Compliment and not patronize.

Appreciating people for what they did, how they look, what they say is easy for some and hard for most.

A sincere compliment is heart-warming and makes the person feel appreciated but too much of it makes one  feel uncomfortable and patronized.

The art of complimenting is a skill that can be learned so we don’t spook people when we appreciate them for whatever.

Pray not to ask but to thank.

I have learned to thank first before asking. If we feel slighted when He doesn’t answer our prayers, what do you think does He feel when we only pray because we want something? Prayer is not the like those delivery hotlines, where you go rattle off your order and expect it in half an hour.

Prayer is thanking that He didn’t give us what we deserve for our shortcomings, arrogance and remembering Him only when we need something.


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