Rockin’ Christmas

It’s a weird bed weather Sunday in December and I spent it channel and web surfing and finally saw Youtube’s new look.  I love the traditional Christmas carols but I like it when rock artists do their own spin on the songs.  But this song from Rick Springfield (I think) is an original and made as a tribute for the troops in Iraq. The lyrics are just too heartwarming; made miss my family and friends who are miles away and haven’t seen in ages.  Anyway, hope you enjoy these!

Christmas with You

Rick Springfield

Jingle Bells

Skid Row

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Twisted Sister

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree





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2 responses to “Rockin’ Christmas

  1. I liked the Skid Row Jingle Bells. Their lead singer (Sebastian?) Sure has gotten a lot more muscular. At least in cartoon form.

    PS did you know it’s snowing on your blog. It’s not snowing on mine 😦

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