Appeal vs Appall

The bitch button is almost immediately activated when we come across couples where the guy is drop dead gorgeous and the girl just looks drop-dead-face-first. As soon as we get past them, we turn to our friend and go, “What the…???!!” But get the bitch aside; we have to admit there MUST be something about her that made the guy noticed her. It may be a physical trait or just something about her; the IT factor, which is as diversified as the brood of Brangelina; as mind-boggling as the X-Files or simply invisible to us like Casper.

It’s funny that an often high-strung friend texted and asked me about tips on attracting men, like I’m an authority in this field. Ok, so I may have some history but it doesn’t make me nowhere near an authority on the subject.

An acquaintance once blatantly told me that I have ‘wholesome’ written all over my face and it’s a face of someone you’ll meet in church (ok, fine I get the drift), which translates to not hot. But he was quick to add it’s not just the physical that attracts a man; it’s a combination of a lot of things. So from his point of view, I summarized myself as a plain Jane who has the potential to unleash some hotness on some degree. Now maybe I just need an opportunity to test this brutal-but-gentle assessment, no?

What I know of men is limited but what I do know about them is that their tastes differ and it’s not just purely physical that lures them to a particular woman (though it definitely plays a part in the whole scheme of things).

While one lusts after breasts, the other goes for a sexy behind, still another goes for the brain. Some say the brain is potentially the sexiest part of the body so might as well maximize on that (and that’s just what I’ll do. I’m left with little choice on the matter anyway. Haha). While one drools over shapely legs, the other goes for nice feet, still another goes for humor. While one prefers chubby, the other goes for the stick pole figure; which came as a surprise to me because I thought men like girls who are model-thin. They said it’s more fun to put an arm around a girl who has enough meat on her bones. Now there’s that flicker of hope…. Ü

But to clearly define what makes someone attractive is more complex than defining what attraction is. Attraction is dictionary-defined but what makes someone attractive goes beyond the dictionary; it’s subjective.

Some men are attracted to women who speak their minds just as there are men who rather have their women as timid as a chick fresh out of the shell.  Same as what we think when we see Guy Foreigner strolling around Makati with Exotic Girl or this one time when we saw Miss Gorgeous European at the beach with Mr. Puny Exotic in Dreadlocks. What they find appealing; we find appalling; and maybe that’s just their exact sentiments when they see us too, who knows?

While it is a mystery to the people outside of their relationship, it is no mystery to them. What they saw in that person may forever remain invisible to the outsiders; but to them, it is something that they may have found indescribable at the start yet something impossible to resist in the end.


What is essential is invisble to the eye.

– The Little Prince




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6 responses to “Appeal vs Appall

  1. fourkaster

    I think i know that high strung friend who asked about tips on attracting men.. nyahaha!

    oh well, they don’t see us attractive— then let them be.

    One day, someone will finally come and see the beauty we have that others can’t see… 😉


  2. Ivy

    This made me laugh. Nice one.
    By the way, am not saying this because I’m your friend.. but you’ve got “assets” too. So aside from the brains, you can maximize on those as well 😉

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