Cheesy Pinoy Pickup Lines #9

The chocolate that can turn someone pale and red at the same time

Just because it’s Friday tomorrow… teehee! Thought to share this little side story on the attached image. So a good friend comes home from vacation and as tradition goes, he gives us a stash of chocolates. As I was peering on my stash like a kid inspecting her loot after Trick or Treat, he hastily snatched one particular chocolate. ->>>>>.

We both laughed like crazed kids; and silently hoping that it will ward off any awkwardness that’s threatening to surface without a moment’s notice. But of course we had to stop laughing at some point. We finally did and the conversation that followed was a hybrid of his incoherent mumblings about how it ended up in my stash and laughing all over again.

He took it back then gave it back to me again. And then he said, I should just return it to him. Then I told him, I don’t want to be caught in a pickup line that goes:

Boy: Miss, anong tagalog ng “I Love You”?

Girl: Mahal kita.

Boy: Mahal din kita. *sabay kindat*

** If this line should ever work, what a truly depressing day for womanhood. **

Then we laughed some more.

And now, on to some almost-Friday sniggering care of these pickup lines.


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