SMS: Behind Shortcuts

As kids, we were challenged to learn the English language; studying and cramming for exams even. Only to graduate and come up with a complete reply composed of The Single Dreaded Letter: K (Ok).

For the L.O.G. (love of God. Ok, I invented that one), what is happening to us?

In this age, life has turned fast-paced even in our laid-back country. People often scurrying off to wherever they needed to go; cramming errands in the 1.5 hour lunch break and reducing communication to an “improved” tw0-letter reply: C U (see you).

Are these shortcuts the result of living in a fast-paced age? Are we really that busy? Are we so constrained with time that we are reduced to these bordering-on-rude replies? Do we EVEN realize that it’s rude? Or have we tailor-fitted our manners to justify the terseness of our replies? A terse reply out of annoyance is not the issue here.

I’m sure people are divided as to which is ruder: getting that hurried “K” reply or getting a reply much later but more decent like, “That’s ok” or “Ok, thanks!”.

Oh please, do not compare this to the killing-spree-inducive jejemon lingo. Not only do they contribute to the DE-EFFIN’-TERIORATION of our Filipino language, they also threaten some of us (me included) to plead temporary insanity and go on an eradicate-the-jejemons-mission. The sick thing about them is that they think it’s cool to text by combining letters, numbers, punctuation marks all in the same bloody word; that will obviously result to wrong spelling, grammar and eventually make imbeciles out of them. *inhale… exhale*

If we can communicate in as little as one letter in this age, what happens decades from now? Have we really reduced our interaction to K, LOL’ing, LMFAO’ing and smileys without leaving the comforts of our chair? Even diminish into obsolescence the essence of ILY, IMY, ILTKYMRN? Will you sincerely appreciate it if your partner tells you, “ILY, hon” as opposed to “I love you, hon”? And “I love to kiss your mouth right now” has lost all its romance and sexiness and is actually incomprehensible with ILTKYMRN (which I again invented to exaggerate a point). *wink*

It is fun to be abreast with these kinds of shortcuts, but nothing beats seeing a genuine smile (than a smiley) and hearing the roaring kind of laughter (than LMAO) that makes your stomach hurt and your eyes well in tears.



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2 responses to “SMS: Behind Shortcuts

  1. OMG. ROFLMAO. BTW . . . GR8 post. IMHO 🙂

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