Running Rants

I tried running again. Something I like doing solo; I get to run at my own pace and just drown in my thoughts, perfectly accompanied by music from the trusty iPod from my self-proclaimed-gorgeous-sister (as my brother-with-a-life-fit-for-a-soap puts it). 😛

Does running mean more than just burning those calories and staying healthy?

It’s only now that running became a thing of the moment thus throwing badminton into obscurity.  Is it possible that people are running away from something other than fats threatening to settle at their hips? And so people run until their minds are occupied with just the goal of completing at least four rounds of continuous running around the park, noses flared in exhaustion but don’t really care.

Do people run from their own thoughts? Run away from someone maybe? Or probably all the while running towards someone? 

Or maybe they run because they like to be chased? Or they simply enjoy the chase. Whatever. What is it with the chase anyway? Does it have anything to do with man’s primal nature of being a hunter? But doesn’t it ever occur in their pixelated minds that some women cut to the chase because they like them already? Why prolong the agony a.k.a “The Chase”? You’ll have enough of that when you finally get to see each other’s rotten core and the hope is love will outweigh every rotten morsel you discover about each other.

Admittedly, these are just my thoughts on running. I can be so melodramatic about the most insipid things when I’m sedentary. So yes, I will run again and sweat these thoughts away.



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4 responses to “Running Rants

  1. fourkaster

    me too started running again..

    so, see you when i see you! =)

  2. Ivy

    Hmm…… alam mo ok itong post mo. Kung may pacontest sa editorials o lifestyle section, pwede ito.para akong nagbabasa ng magazine o a page sa inquirer. Are you sure di ka pa nagsusulat for them? 😉

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