Mindless Late Night Wanderings

 :: Some Californication scenes are so blasphemous I feel like I’m hell-bound because I’m watching the episodes I missed. So I fast forward those scenes in the hopes that He lets that one go and not add it to my lengthy list of sins that will surely fast-track my way to eternal damnation.

:: There are times I feel like a figurative hermaphrodite; all girly on the outside but acts and thinks like a man sometimes.

 :: Woman on Top came to mind. The movie! What were you thinking?

 :: I should really stop having Coffee Almond Fudge, Heath or Reese’s ice cream and banana for dinner. It’s sinfully delicious and frightfully fattening. Argh.

 :: I would love to find the banana that won’t split on me. That is from a song, dirthead. I should re-watch Love Actually; with movies like No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits, I need to wrap around my cynic-yet-sometimes-quixotic head that love indeed is all around. It doesn’t JUST have to be the romantic kind (it may also be the gropey-kind-of-love!). Hahaha.



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2 responses to “Mindless Late Night Wanderings

  1. “(it may also be the gropey-kind-of-love!).” I know a lot of guys that specialize in just this kind. It takes years to perfect and can be heightened slightly but muttering things like…well. Nevermind 😉

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