The Lunar Project: October

I have been raving about Coron’s unadulterated beauty and local life, and I hope it stays that way for years to come. I have nothing against tourism but sadly, it comes with it commercialism and exploitation of the natural splendor of the place. That’s what happened to Boracay; who would have thought that Starbucks will find its way there?  Much as Boracay is one of the reasons tourists visit our country, it will be sad to see Coron altered to fit the western and urban lifestyle.

People from the city go to the province to relax and get away from the urban noise that we are so accustomed to and Coron is one of the splendid places where you can escape and stare in wonder at nature’s magnificence and just chill in the laid-back local life.   

Photo #10

The perfect scene that capped off our Coron Island Tour.

And here are still some photos of Coron:

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Take nothing but pictures.

 Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time.

Break nothing, especially hearts.



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