Just Like Underwear

There are but some things that I associate to wearing an underwear; that just like underwear these things need not be flaunted because it is pretty much obvious if one has it or not.

These things you don’t go around broadcasting because it simply is too pathetic to do so.  These things speaks for themselves that it doesn’t need any help at all for people to know you possess these or not.


The words that come out of your mouth speak volumes about you.


A nice face doesn’t go unnoticed. While it is healthy to appreciate ourselves, it’s annoying when you take yourself seriously pretty. Huwag masyadong bilib sa sarili mong kagandahan; yung tipong gandang-ganda ka sarili mo. Remember, beauty is subjective (especially with alcohol involved!) 😛

Figure to die for

Men don’t have to flex their muscles at every God-given opportunity (even on social network profile pic naka-flex pa din!) for people to know they have rock-hard biceps and six-pack abs. Women on the other hand, need not wear all-too revealing clothes to show they have ginormous mammary glands; even a simple shirt can reveal just that (which is a whole lot sexier because you leave some for the imagination).

Intelligence and beauty are just like underwear;

It shows you when you have it or 

you have gone commando.


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