Mindless Late Night Wanderings

I don’t know but these just popped in my head as I lay in bed while trying to tell myself  to sleep early (which I obviously failed).

– Define bad combo: ugly and choosy.Which sounds a lot meaner in the vernacular: pangit at pihikan.

– I remember a friend’s requirement for potential boyfriend/partner: HIV/STD lab test result. Crazy but something worth considering. Better crazy than sorry.

– You gotta envy these all-form-no-substance, loose women sometimes;
Men drool like crazed dogs around them. They choose one drooler (or more, who knows) and date them without having to understand them. 

– ….which led me to think… 
Do men chase them for more bed time and less brain depreciation? Will they gladly pick out a dunce in cup Z over someone more interesting, albeit a cup A? 

<< If man answers, “Cup Z, of course!”… it’s really no surprise at all. >>


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