Travel Diaries: Malcapuya Island, Coron

Malcapuya Island is found on the south of Coron, Palawan and is breathtakingly awesome with its pristine, fine sands and clear waters that will easily rival that of Boracay’s. Compared with the other Coron islands and beaches, Malcapuya has the widest stretch of white sands where you can roast yourself to your heart’s content.

On a clear day, it takes less than one and half hours to get to Malcapuya from the Coron Market. Best to be at the market by 6:30AM and buy all the stuff you need as there are no stores around the island. Only fresh buko (as in freshly-picked from the tree) is available there and if you get lucky, Coke and beer can be snagged from the caretaker, with a hefty price tag, of course.

Basking in the Malcapuya sunshine

Boat rental for the whole day costs P3,000 (which is well worth it); the captain and boatman cook the stuff that you bought as part of the deal. You can contact Tay Sitong at 0949-8464544.

The boat ride to Malcapuya

You can spend half the day in Malcapuya then head on to Banana Island for another round of frolicking by the beach and snorkeling.

But if you plan to stay overnight, make sure you have enough food with you lest you go hungry on the island. Airconditioned room is available for P1,000 per head in the lone sanctuary there or spend the night in your cottage for P500 per head and they will provide you with a mat (banig), blanket and pillow. Better yet, you can pitch a tent for just P300!

View from the cottage

Never miss this island when you go to Coron! The P200 entrance fee you paid will not be a waste; it’s a small price to pay for a few hours of serenity in this splendid island.

Seen from the View Cliff



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    by the way, your blog is very “enlightening”! love it! 😀

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