Travel Diaries: Lambingan Bridge, Coron

Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued at the sheer name of this bridge. It concocts several romantic images in my head and I wanted to validate them so I asked around.

I interviewed the guy who served us breakfast one day and asked why the bridge was named as such. He said that back in the 90s to early 2000, the bridge was a date place for couples. At the end of it is a long plank where couples can sit and watch the world go by. But to date, the bridge is but a memory of its glory days. Sad.

We finally decided on our last day to visit the place as my curiosity has not waned and I wanted to see for myself how it looks today. I braced myself already as we have been forewarned that it lost its beauty years ago but I was not prepared for the sorry state of this bridge. It was in such a decrepit state that it will take a lot of imagination to visualize how beautiful this place was ten years ago.

According to the PNP Maritime Officer we met as we were taking photos, a project was conceived years ago and it will hit Lambingan Bridge; since then, it was not maintained anymore. The project never happened, thus leaving the bridge to rot and with just mere traces of its former splendor.

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Kubo Lodge is located at Lambingan Bridge. It is spacious, clean and very cool inside because it looks like a very modern bahay kubo. You may find the neighboring area a bit of a turn off and you may question your safety, but I find the locals very nice and the PNP Maritime Office is but a few steps away so it gives a feeling of security too.



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