Overheard: Tale of Two Men and Their Trysts

It was drizzling yet again the other day so I was forced to take the FX from the office to the mall for some retail therapy. I usually just walk from the office since it’s just a 20-25 minutes walk and I look forward to walking because sitting in front of the PC for eight hours everyday is just about as sedentary as it gets.

I was seated at the back and two nitwits with testosterone a.k.a “men” were chatting and their conversation went something like:

Man 1: Pare, bakit wala kang credit card?

Man 2: Meron ako dati nung nambababae ako .

Man 1: Buti di ka nahuhuli ng asawa mo?

Man 2: Yung credit card statement ko naka-address sa office kaya di niya nakikita

(Then they both laughed their heads off)

Man 2: Atsaka, pare… pag ginamit mo un sa… ang naksulat dun pangalan ng restaurant kaya hindi halata.

And then they laughed their moronic heads off again.

 Boy, my eyes were rolling in sheer annoyance at the two of them. The other one felt proud that he never got caught and made a fool of his wife and this other idiot seems to like the idea of it all. I wanted to bang their heads against each other and then at the car window in the hope of getting some sense into their pathetic heads.

And in that 15-minute ride, one realization stood out.

Hindi lahat ng nambababae ay guwapo; masama na nga itsura, masama pa ugali.


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