My Birthday in Retrospect

And so it rained. On the day that I usually dread but now I was actually looking forward to. Well, to wake up breathing for the past decades is a blessing in itself; a privilege, even.  Something that may well be taken away even as one is going about the most mundane task, like maybe writing a blog (Lord wag naman muna, please??? As in much much laterz na po Ikaw magpa-view… magpa-sense. Wiz pa akertz ever ready makipag chismax with my sister angels there. *** It’s been weeks but I still have my Zombadings hangover. ^____^ ***).

The weather last October 5, 2011 turned out to be as crazy as this celebrant.

It was sunny. Then it rained. Then cloudy. And it all together ended up gloomy. What a sad day for a most-of-the-time-happy gal like me. It disheartened me, but what can I do? I find there is really no use to to sweat over something I do not have control over. I just took it a day like any other day.

The gloomy skies on my birthday

I refuse to fall prey to the weather’s perplexing mood;

I refuse to pick a fight with the rain which dampened my birthday spirits;  

I just simply refuse to let it wash away my positive hopes of a good day in spite of it.

Because I know just like any day, it will pass and in a few hours, it’s a new day. I know God will make up for that dreadful birthday weather and give me a glorious one in the coming days. That is faith. Faith that even with my shortcomings and imperfections as a daughter; as a friend; as a person, I deserve to be happy. And I choose to be.

Happiness is a decision. We cannot rely on other people or events to be happy; they may contribute to our happiness but to put our own happiness in the their hands is depression waiting to happen. And I am certainly not going to allow that.

As to when that splendid day will come; one that will obliterate the memories of a damp and gloomy day, only He knows. Waiting sucks BIG time. But good things come to those who wait. I live and breathe that thought. Because it is true.

And so….

To those who dropped a line, wrote a wall post, sent a message and gave presents on my birthday… THANK YOU! It somehow eased the gloom I felt that day; I was more than happy to be rained on with sweet greets and deluged with kind thoughts.


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