The Lunar Project: August

Laziness has struck ever since I got back in Manila and I just can’t get my act together and choose  something for August.

But finally, I decided on this photo. It was taken yet again at the Phi-Phi Hotel and Beach Resort on a stormy August 27 morning. A dear friend was on vacation that time and we decided to spend it differently since whenever he comes home for a visit, we always end up meeting him for lunch or dinner which always feels like we still have tons to catch up on.

There were howling winds and raging waves but those didn’t dampen our spirits and we still went in for a dip, but very much close to the shore.

But on Sunday morning, surprisingly, the sun showed it’s face and I drew this sun just to make sure it doesn’t hide until Monday as some of my companions were still staying behind.

Photo #08

Asking the heavens for some sun on a stormy weekend at the beach



Take nothing but pictures.

 Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time.

Break nothing, especially hearts.



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