Travel Diaries: Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

Finally found the chance to trek through some off-the-beaten path in Hong Kong: Cheung Chau Island, which literally translates to “long island”. Well it is quite a stretch from one end to the other but it’s not a really huge island.

Tung Wan Beach, Cheung Chau Island

After some half an hour via the fast ferry, Cheung Chau was already in sight. Once you step out of the ferry terminal, you will be greeted by a row of commercial shops like McDonald’s, IP Zone, Wellcome, 711, Baleno and a variety of local shops selling souvenir, swimming outfit, dried fish and seafood and kiosks of the inns and hotel so guests can book a room. This place is very reminiscent of Puerto Galera but not to be be partial, I find Puerto Galera more scenic and relaxing (during off-peak season huh!)  in comparison.

Bike rentals for tourists

I really prayed for some ray of sunshine as it was raining last Friday and this is my last weekend and I wanted to maximize my stay. And He blessed me and those wanting for an escape from the city some nice sunshine. It did rained for a while but good thing, I  was over at Warwick Hotel having some late lunch.

Rain clouds over at Tung Wan Beach

It’s not a fab hotel but their restaurant/coffee shop offers a nice view of the beach. And it sheltered me from the rain, so no complains here! I got to refresh myself in their clean restroom (because I dare not use the public toilets around the area 😉 well, it’s just me)

Afternoon tea set at Warwick Hotel


  1. Take the tram if it’s accessible from where you are. Then alight at Gilman Street and head to the walkway and follow the signs to Central Pier #5.
  2. Ferry schedule is very convenient and runs until 11:30PM. But I suggest traveling from Monday-Saturday as fares are cheaper compared on Sundays and holidays.
  3. If you’re just on daytour, wave your Octopus card in one of the machines at the terminal and you get a discount on your return fare.
  4. Drop by Cheese House for some of their Baked Mango Cheesecake. It’s so delish and a steal at HK$16 per slice.

    Baked Mango Cheesecake from Cheese House



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2 responses to “Travel Diaries: Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

  1. Ivy

    The cheesecake looks delicious… sana meron niyan dito. Ayos ito ha, it’s gives you a different view of HK again.

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