Call Me Gwen

It is a Friday and it’s a ritual to take endless walks in the city; on the lookout for nothing in particular and anything fancy.

This time, I walked from Kowloon all the way to Jordan. It’s a 15-minute walk but when I came upon Temple Street, I just couldn’t get out. I walked along the various crowded stalls, amidst locals and tourists alike. And I went all the way to Jade Market.

Main entrance to Temple Street

I finally got tired of it all and decided to head on home when suddenly a guy came up to me. Imagine my surprise. He casually said “Hi” and asked me where I’m from. I said Manila. And asked my name. Of course I didn’t tell him…… My real name. 😉  I said, it’s ‘Gwen’.

He asked me to have light dinner with him and I politely refused; smiled at him and said, “No, thanks but it was nice meeting you though.”

I had to turn around and walked away casually…. for a few steps… then headed the other way as fast as I could.

Mahirap na……. Once you go black… you won’t go back. LOL ^______^

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