Patal Pani Waterfall Tragedy

I heard this news at the metro today and I searched it when I got home. As I watched the video, I felt like telling them to hurry because they were just seconds behind the last person who scrambled to safety.

This tragedy happened last Sunday at Indore, a state in Madhya Pradesh, the Heart of India. Apparently, the family visited the picnic spot for the first time and the flash flood was not part of what they plan to see nor experience and die for. Only two members miraculously survived the 15o feet drop.


On a good day, Patal Pani Waterfalls is a sight to behold. But last Sunday, it was a sight that gave everyone that sheer hopelessness of seeing their loved ones trapped in the raging waters and the fright of seeing them fall to their possible deaths.

Photo by Ajay Singh Sisodia



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14 responses to “Patal Pani Waterfall Tragedy

  1. Ivy

    I was telling myself, why don’t they just cross over inspite of the water, looks mababaw naman. Pero mukhang di din kaya sa lakas ng current sobra

    • from the video, it looks like they were assisting an older member. as I was watching, I wanted to tell them not to hold on together because if one slips, all of them will fall. and sadly that’s what happened 😦 …. †

  2. Really saddens me that if you watch any video uploaded on this tragedy at youtube.. there are several people who have “liked” the video…. sickens me to think that these people enjoyed a fellow humans death… we live in such depraved times 😦

    • Hi Aarav. It’s also a mystery to me how some can ‘like’ this video. But you see there are attention-deprived people who resort to such means for their dose of much needed attention. Thanks for dropping a note…

  3. vicky

    but how d water level in just 10 secs went so high??

  4. venkat

    life changes in minutes. i was worrying about my money loss, visa loss etc that happened in july 2011. I just happened to see this video today . it was shocking to see how life is taken out in just few seconds


  5. Harkaman

    I think people just like the video because of the sheer horror of what happened and they are not being rude in any way to the victims!

  6. By the way the water started raising, I think there should be a dam or check a few kms before the waterfall. Some dumb guy must have opened it without any thought about the people who are downstream.
    May be he opened as it reached Maximum level.
    May be people should not wader.
    But in other countries I have seen that they keep a radio operated warning light near such dangerous places. I mean only on places where ever humans are supposed to be there. Not for the entire length of the river, just on the fall point and may be somewhere else where a road leads into the river.
    Our Govt won’t do that ever. Many people won’t obey the lights even if the Govt does. It can be trained in schools with practicals about the dangers of Waterfalls and how the shutter works instead of teaching @#$% load of useless things and history, So the new generation would be more safe.

  7. Anu

    I think the biggest issue here is that the water levels rose at an exponential rate. In 30 seconds, it went from a lazy river to a gushing stream. A minute later the victims couldn’t even find a footing. Its so tragic. I couldn’t sleep after seeing this on youtube.

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